Important information before your visit

How is the weather?
Shismay is situated in the central Andes of Peru, high up in a valley 3000 meters above sea level. The rainy season is from December to March. (Low temperature is 10 c0 and maximum temperature is 20 c0) The best time to visit Shismay is from April to November, (low temperature is 10 c0 and maximum temperature is 28 c0)

What clothes to wear?
Remember there is no bad weather, just bad clothes! In the Andes every night is winter and every day is summer, bring warm clothes to fully enjoy your visit. Please bring a hat and sunscreen as at noon temperatures can reach between 26-28 Co . Bring comfortable shoes that are appropriate for hiking and long walks along rocky ground.
Pantalón térmico para debajo del blue jean, polo, camisa, chompa, casaca. Opcional Guantes, bufanda, sombrero, gorro, protector solar a medio día se alcanza de 26 - 28 C0. Zapatos cómodos para caminatas o cabalgatas.

Do the beds have quilts?
The beds at Shismay have no quilts but all are equipped with electric under blankets and woollen blankets.

Do the rooms have hot water?
All rooms have en-suite bathroom with hot and cold running water.

How is the road to Shismay?  Shismay is located approximately 17km away from the centre of Hunuaco.
The first 12 km of the journey is via motorway, followed by 5km drive on a country road that is well maintained.

What to carry for children
Please bring all necessary items, as in Shismay there are no big stores

What we can by in Shismay
You can buy locally produced honey, artisanal jams, artisanal cheese and also small souvenirs. Unfortunately there are no pharmacies and no big stores located in the village.

Which is the best way to contact Shismay
The best way is by email,

Where is the television in Shismay?
We have no televisions at casa Hacendia Shismany but if you wish you can bring your own laptop and movies to watch in the evening.